About Me

Welcome! This is my place to reflect on events that I have attended, or my perspective on particular matters or even just random thoughts I need to place together. I recently moved to Washington D.C. so hopefully I will be going to cool events and learning about important issues from a closer perspective and be able to articulate those on here somehow – seeing as I am in the heart of it all!

Some people don’t realize why I use nirecoops or nirecooper for my social handles; ‘Nire’ is my first name backwards, and my friends in high school used to call me ‘Coops’. Erin Cooper is a pretty generic name so that handle was taken by the time I started creating social media pages. So I used ‘nire’ and I began using the combination of the two for various social media handles – hence nirecooper.com as my domain name ~

My interests include (but are not limited to) politics and new media so this is a place where I get to combine those interests and write reflections and perspectives of different events happening in life. I go through different phases of things that really fascinate me sometimes that might show in what I post, just a forewarning. 

I hope to be able to articulate current events in a way that makes it easier to understand and also selfishly slide in some writing samples to show off to future employers. But mostly this is my outlet to gab about things that my friends don’t like to talk about and then learn stuff too! I hope you enjoy it whoever you may be! 



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