Political Pick(s): Woodward & Bernstein

No they’re not politicians, however you can’t look at modern media coverage of U.S. politics without giving credit to these two incredible men that were brave enough to venture into something that was generally unprecedented up to the Kennedy era; don’t investigate into possible presidential dark holes. Now thanks to the Washington Post journalists the media is watching every move of powerful politicians.

Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward are two individuals that joined together through The Washington Post, that exposed former President Richard Nixon’s corruption. Their investigative journalism brought the former president’s resignation as well as the ultimate change in the way that politics would be covered in America. In particular they shifted the dynamic of how the media looks at the presidents today, as they are much more scrutinized compared to the pre-Watergate era.

Bernstein hales from Washington D.C.. The at the time aspiring journalist dropped out of the University of Maryland to become a reporter full-time. His career path eventually brought him to work at The Washington Post. There he focused on police, court and city hall assignments.

Woodward was from Illinois. He was a Yale graduate and Navy veteran who had only been working at TWP for a year when the Watergate story broke. With Woodward’s contact known by the pseudonym of Deep Throat the duo broke the story and changed history.

If you want to learn more about either respective writer or the scandal itself check out these links:





Bernstein and I via RNC 2016 (NBD)

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