Oprah 2020?

(Thanks for the pic VOA News)

Look under your chairs America….we have a new 2020 presidential contender! Okay Oprah Winfrey probably will not run for office BUT imagine this, it’s 2019 and you’re watching the DNC which is taking place in Chicago, Illinois. Oprah Winfrey has just accepted the nomination, she gives a wonderfully moving speech about empowering one another and preaches the need for gender equality and discusses the racial injustices our nation is dealing with and how she plans to help fix everything. Her campaign manager (and rumored chief of staff pick) is none other than her most trusted best friend Gayle King and her vice presidential choice was between Kamala Harris and Cory Booker, they go with Booker and Harris will likely take on the Secretary of State slot.

The main speakers at the star studded convention include former President Barack Obama, TV personality Ellen DeGeneres, and Activist/Representative John Lewis just to name a few. The main performance of the final night is from none other than Beyonce who has created a beautiful ballad as the campaign theme song.

I know it’s all so unlikely but it’s fun to think about. I grew up coming home everyday after school to my mom watching Oprah she is someone that everyone in America has always been aware of and trusted, and you’re lying if you say you have never wished you were in the audience receiving a cool gift under your chair.

Oprah is a great person, she does a lot for the underprivileged and lives a full life that she worked hard to attain. Winfrey is undoubtedly an inspiration for all. Which is why I really doubt she would risk leaving her media thrown to put herself under the scrutiny of  Trumpland and dealing with political pettiness. But gosh that’s a DNC I would love to attend.

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