Why I’ll Miss Governor Chris Christie

Photo courtesy of cnbc.com

A natural disaster, a bridge scandal, and a presidential run are just a few of the things NJ Governor Chris Christie had incorporated into his time as governor. Through all the ups and downs of Christie’s time in office, he alway stayed true to his “telling it like it is” character. Now that NJ has just elected a new governor, I would like to reflect on why I will miss Governor Christie.

I have been Team Christie since I was in high school. As an NJ native and a Jersey Shore (not the show) enthusiast, I believe that Christie always did what he thought was genuinely best for his home state of New Jersey. During Hurricane Sandy is when I really viewed Christie as a leader of the state and a tough love advocate. I remember watching a clip of the gov on the news while the hurricane was in full swing, calling the people outside morons. That’s when I knew this guy cares and he’s not afraid to show that in a passionate way to his citizens. When President Obama came to NJ to see the damage Christie welcomed him with a hug, something I like to call hug-gate. The GOP went crazy over Christie embracing the president. But what they didn’t acknowledge enough is that that very warm welcome brought in a lot of help financially for the state that was seemingly destroyed from Sandy. Christie put aside political differences for the wellbeing of New Jersey and it worked.

When I was a freshman in college, my communications class entailed a semester long project of maintaining a blog about anything we found interesting. I chose mine on politics originally, but my professor thought that was too broad, so I then created “The Christie Chronicles”. I covered policy and scandals encompassing Christie in 2014, I got to learn about his education ideas and reasoning and dig a bit into the Bridge-gate scandal.

The following year my best friend’s sister helped get me an internship in the Comm. department for none other than Governor….yup ya guessed it, Governor Christie! It was a really amazing experience to be apart of and I learned a lot about the field I would later turn into my career.

I was still interning when Christie announced he would be running for president. I was really excited that people may finally recognize the leader that I saw. Someone passionate about the bettering of the nation, and not afraid to tell it as a real New Jerseyan was a refreshing concept, at least for me. Obviously that wasn’t the case for everyone else and things went down hill pretty quickly once Trump swiped the “telling it like it is” thing.

Christie gets a ton of flak for his time as governor but looking back on it, the guy dealt with a ton of uncontrollable situations the best he could. And his NJ attitude towards his haters is something I’ll forever appreciate.




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