Tiki Torches are Polynesian

It’s hard to find the right words for how to express how heartbroken I am that so much ignorance and hatred lives inside of some people. What causes this absolute disgust for those one knows nothing about? Honestly what do these white men need to protest? Being a white, straight, male in this country is a gift that many do not realize.

It’s truly chilling to see the photos from the events that took place in Charlottesville, VA this past weekend. I don’t know what hurts my heart more, seeing the crowd of men holding Tiki Torches (which are Polynesian so it just highlights the ignorance of this crowd) or the fact that it took our president two days to call these racists for what they are, which is racists. Trump’s initial response was vague, and provided absolutely no sense of hope for the rest of the country (the non-racist/neo-nazis) so needed at the time of the event in VA. Two days, a total of 48 hours, to call out a group that refers to themselves as Nazis, a group that acknowledges their values to align with evil groups such as the KKK, brings a big lump in my stomach. But this goes much deeper than disappointment in the president’s reaction. There are people in this country that possess so much hate for other humans that they will actually provide violence and terror to the streets. Innocent people are getting hurt.

I am a female. I have experienced sexism and it’s a terrible thing to feel helpless about who you are, to not feel as equal as the others. Nonetheless, I am privileged because I am white. I will never ever be able to understand the hate and injustice that people of color in this country have to deal with on a daily basis. I am truly, endlessly sorry and ashamed for those that have to live in a nation where there is so much hate expressed towards not being a certain color. It’s astonishing that we have sent people to outer space (something that we wouldn’t have been able to do without black women), yet still have trouble grasping how to properly deal and acknowledge the active racial injustices taking place in our system.

This country is absolutely nothing without diversity, why is that still a hard obvious fact for people to comprehend? America would not thrive without every single person of color in this united nation.

It is our job, those that are educated and white to stand up for those who for some reason still don’t get a voice in this country. It is our responsibility to be good people, that help educate and love one another. Being aware of what is happening yet saying nothing in situations such as these, says everything.


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